Info CRX

P3170287a_jpg-for-web-normalWhen Cornish Rex owners will stick to this wonderful breed for ever, not just because of it’s appearance, but mainly because of it’s temper:

The Cornish Rex is an easygoing and cheerful cat and loves company, both with other cats and with humans. And it will not be turn dull because it is grown. Its still has the well developed naturel instincts maintained throughout life, and these manifests themselves in the fact that the Cornish Rex loves to explore and play with things found in the room, the bed (like your toes) and garden. Therefore, the Cornish Rex cat is also suitable for homes with children.

The Cornish Rex thrives well as an indoor cat, but also enjoys being outside if you have this option.

Cornish Rex’es love to be as close to you as possible; in your lab, or on your shoulder. It would also clearly prefer your bed when it is evening.

It does not like closed doors, and will preferably be near you all the time – but you might like to leave the house to earn money for cat food!

The appearance is special: The Cornish Rex are long, muscular, elegant, smooth and it has, above all, a beautiful gloss, full wavy or curly coat. So the cat is curled, even its whiskers are curly. All colors are allowed within the breed, but some colors are more common than others. Cats of the breed have a bright, intelligent expression, it is caused partly by its intelligence, partly by the large, clear eyes and big, highly-placed ears, which are turned forewards – ready to intercept any message. Cornish Rex’es arehigh on legs and hava a long tail. The head is flat, the profile is equal – or nearly equal.

Cornish Rex’es traps barely, and it is not necessary to bath the cat.

It is always a good idea to have two cats together so that they can keep each other company. Although a cat can spend hours completely alone and could be all alone at home all week, there are still many cats – including Cornish Rex – who will enjoy life extra if it has a playmate and compagnion at home.