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Welcome to Yeoman Cornish Rex

Yeoman is a family cattery in small scale, with the cats in focus. I is important to me, that my carts live with me as a part of my everyday life, and as a part of the family.


It is also important to me that the cats live in a safe and loving atmosphere.


I don't keep my cats in cages. The cats are in the hole house as a natural part of the family.


I breed for health, preservation of good curly fur, and a nice and loving temper.


My breed and cattery is registrered in




I breed max 2-3 litter at year.


The visions in my breed is to combine the solid qualities from the scandinavian lines, with the more extreme typed look, but also the more vulnerable american lines.


I try to match the best from both, and work with our own lines as well with lines from outside.


I got my first Cornish Rex back in 1986 and got my cattery name in 1987.